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Together with Dr. Klaus Hohenstein, Prime Physical Med offers you physical medicine and therapy as well as pain treatment and prevention in a premium and comfortable surrounding. 


We combine medical competence with concepts and treatments for health-conscious people. Promptly available appointments combined with the possibility to start physical therapies and training concepts immediately after the diagnosis, guarantee an individual and targeted treatment of your medical conditions. 



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At Prime Physical Med we take our time for you


Thanks to individual appointments, a thorough medical examination and the exact fine-tuning of possibly necessary therapies to your conditions is possible. We make sure the waiting time for therapies is very short - thereby the therapies can be carried out according to your needs and - to ensure better effectivity - also be offered in combination. This essentially contributes to treatment success, as a compact and consequent physical therapy shows the greatest benefit.

 We are looking forward to you!


Dr. Klaus Hohenstein (Specialist for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Pain Therapy)

Laura Hohenstein (Manager)