First, the diagnosis

A thorough anamnesis and a detailed diagnosis are essential for successful therapy planning and implementation. We extensively analyse your medical conditions as well pre-existing results, Xray and MRI Images. Based upon this - if necessary - an individual therapy plan can be adjusted to your needs.

Prime Physical Med offers comprehensive diagnosis possibilities in order to thoroughly analyse your medical condition. Please bring all previous doctor´s letters, results and Xray and MRI images to your first appointment. 



Manual diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Comprehensive interview regarding pain intensity and frequency

Detailed evaluation of existing diagnoses

Muscle function

Manual diagnostics

Muscle function tests

BIA - bioelectrical impedance analysis


Gait Velocity measurement 

Analysis of Risk of falling

Sarcopenia diagnostics

Inkontinence diagnostics 


Functional Joint diagnostics

Functional spine diagnostics 

Functional diagnostics of extremities